SecuGuard Security Services is a privately owned security company with Head Offices in KwaZulu Natal. We understand the importance of providing each client the protection and security specific to their lifestyle. 

Our comprehensive services are as unique as the clients we serve. We are dedicated to assisting people from all walks of life and business, through our specialised security options. We offer our clients more than a sense of safety, we want to provide them peace of mind. Allow our experienced professionals to be your source for quality services.

SecuGuard Security Services prides itself on expert planning and executing a broad spectrum of large scale, integral turnkey security projects. Our philosophy is based on creating an optimum and cost effective system, integrating the human factor, technical aspects and capabilities, manuals and procedures

We strive to exceed the requests of our clients by going above and beyond what is asked to ensure that every detail is to your requirements. SecuGuard Security Services has the ability and experience to manage any clients’ requirements. We aim to be the biggest privately owned security company in South Africa


We believe the management of a contract is the absolute key to the success of a loss control program. We monitor the above by:

• Regular Officer Refresher Training
• Service Level Agreement.
• Monthly meetings
• On-going Security Risk Assessments
• Monthly Scorecard
• Site Audit Evaluations

A Service Level Agreement which translates operationally into "Site Procedure Training Manual" will be agreed to and signed by both parties..

Due to their invaluable knowledge of the industry and excellent customer service they become an integral part to the company's success. With dedication and willingness to serve is evident in our customer satisfaction measured on a regular basis.

Our operation will therefore be based on a set of client specific instructions and procedures compiled and agreed upon by our Clients and SecuGuard Security Services . The Site Procedure Manual is however a dynamic document and should be reviewed monthly to adjust the Security operation to suit the prevailing circumstances. These policies and procedures will be documented and implemented by our Site Manager in conjunction with our clients and Area Managers.

The manpower compliment that will be deployed will be required to meet PSIRA standards, Additional Site specific training will be provided by our Area Manager from SecuGuard Security Services . All personnel will be suitably trained on the Site Procedure Manual and tested by SecuGuard Security Services Management before induction on the site may proceed

We look forward to working for you!

We would like to thank our loyal clientele who continue to support us in ensuring we progress to better heights. We believe in building a foundation that just not collects money at the end of the month, but rather a service that warrants our clients that engaging with us is an investment rather than a cost.